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Deploy Issues in Summer '11

I am running into a very serious error with deploys, and before I log a case, was wondering if anyone else has seen this.


I have two sandboxes, A and B.  A is in Spring 11 and B is in Summer 11.


In my org, I have a VF Page and its controller which utilizes javascript remoting.  It works fine in both Sandbox A and B.


Now lets say I make a change to an sobject, such as adding a field that is not referenced anywhere, then deploy just this changed sobject to sandbox B.


After the deploy, the VF Page and its controller break in Sandbox B, but continue to work in Sandbox A.  The error given is a strange one:


Visualforce Remoting Exception: Cannot call test methods in non-test context


I am definitely not calling test methods from my remote apex.  If I drill into the error with Firebug, I can see it gets thrown in the following code (which is salesforces):



Visualforce.remoting.Util = {
log: function(msg, obj) {
if (typeof console === 'undefined' || !console.groupCollapsed || !console.log || !console.groupEnd) return;
if (typeof obj !== 'undefined' && obj !== null) {
try {
} catch(e) {}
} else {
try { console.log(msg); } catch(e) {}



I can then add one dummy line (it literally does not matter what I add) of code to the problematic VF page and its controller, then I can redeploy the page and its controller, and things work again in Sandbox B.


This is quite strange, but I can consistently reproduce it with these steps.


Any ideas?


Seems like a possible regression. We're investigating...


Stephan, I appreicate the help.


After talking with support, they discovered its only an issue with versions < 22.


We are also seeing this same odd error message in connection with our JS Remoting code since being upgraded to Summer '11.  We are seeing it as an intermittent problem: sometimes the code works ok and at other times it fails with this error in a seemingly random fashion.


Support is working on it.  The error is still occurring even after the code has been upgraded to V 22.




I'm also getting this error. I've updated all of the code to version 22, in an effort to solve the issue. It's also intermittent. Yesterday afternoon, when I first got the error, I updated the code to version 22 and it went away. This's back! As you can imagine this is frustrating, as the functionality of the entire page hangs on this working.


I'm glad to know we're not nuts. Our testers have reported a number of odd and intermittent behaviors in our page that uses JS Remoting, including this newest one, despite not having changed the code for a couple of weeks at least. We may re-implement using the older non-remoting method to avoid all this churn and allow us to move on.


Glad SF is on it!


I've put a case in with SalesForce Premier Support. I'll let you guys know what I get back from them.


Development is currently investigating. I'll have an update later this morning...


Mauricio:  Can you elaborate on what other issues you are seeing w/ JS Remoting?


Well, we've had intermittent JS load script errors over the last week or so that had not occurred during actual development. Until the current issue is cleared I can't determine the true source of those.


We're getting the issue as well. It is really strange because yesterday, it wasn't happening at all. Today, happens intermittently. I have a workaround for my needs, but I wouldn't exactly call it ideal.


We're still investigting. Rest assured this is a high priority issue for us and as soon as we have a fix it'll be deployed as soon as possible...


Mostly echoing Stephan, but my ticket with Premier Support says essentially the same thing:

"I have reviewed your issue and want to let you know, that this issue is already under our observation, wherein our Research & Development team is working on it. Unfortunately,as of now we do not have the time line for the resolution."


This is one of the major elements of the Summer '11 release for, I'm sure they'll have it fixed shortly.


To follow up on this, I know I wrote that this was only an issue with versions < 22, but that is not the case.


After talking with support they have told me the current ETA for patching this issue is mid-june, after Summer 11 is released.  However, based on the number of users experiencing this issue hopefully they realize that its not worth releasing if it doesnt work for this many people, and they make an attempt to fix this bug sooner rather than later.


We are working on pushing out a fix this week.  Please stay tuned for more details.


The fix is scheduled to go out tonight.




Did the fix go? It seems to be working but I want to be sure before I notify my users to start testing again.


Yes, the fix went out yesterday late afternoon.  The issue should be resolved.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for everyone's patience.