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APEX Class or Trigger, copy Lead Record

Hello all,

I am trying to either write a trigger or an APEX class that will copy a lead record into a custom object I have called Candidates. 


We installed the lab force.com application called Recruiting and will be using this to track employment candidates at my organization.  What I would like to do is use the Web to Lead functionality to capture candidates information from our public site as a special lead record.  Then have a trigger or class take that lead record and insert a new record, using all the lead fields, into a custom object called Candidates.


Do any of you out there know if this is possible, have any code samples or done anything like this?


Thanks for your help.




sure , it is possible. when you capture all the leads from web and stored then in to lead object you need to write trigger on lead (after insert).




trigger trgName on Lead(after Insert) {


List <Lead> leadsList = trigger.old;

List<customObj> objList= new List();

customObj obj;


for (Lead lead : leadsList){

obj= new customObj();

// map the fields of lead with custom object

obj.FName__c = lead.name; // simillarly 





insert  objList;  // its done



Let me know incase you face any issue.