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Bhola VishwakarmaBhola Vishwakarma 

error explanation

i have a custom object as InvestmentAsset__c in that ,field called as 

Allocated_Amount__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM GoalInvestmentAssetAssociation) 

and also have formula fields called as TotalAsset__c but when I insert advance formula it gives me an error 


Error: Invalid Data.
Review all error messages below to correct your data.
Unable to make this formula automatically derived because it is used in the following roll-up summary field(s): Account.Investment Asset Rollup. To continue, remove any references to derived values such as the current date, current user, or user-role.



According to the Salesforce help:


Roll-up summary fields can calculate the values of formula fields if they do not contain cross-object field references or functions that automatically derive values on the fly, such as NOW or TODAY

If this was allowed, the roll up summary field would have to be recalculated every time it was used.