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Bhola VishwakarmaBhola Vishwakarma 

rollupsummary vs formula field

how can we use advance formula even if i have the rollup summary field

can i get any help


Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma

For what purpose you want "advanced formula" section? I think filter criteria "Only records meeting certain criteria should be included in the calculation" should be enough to fulfill your requirement.



Bhola VishwakarmaBhola Vishwakarma

tanks for ur rpl



yes i just want to filter 


my formula will look like  if($recordtype.name='stock',currentvalue*quantity,if($recordtype.name='mutualfund',nav*quantity))


your help will do a lot of goods to me

Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma

Do you really need a rollup-summary field?


As per ur expected formula 



seems you want to perform calculation on object's fields not child records fields.


Rollup-Summary fields are used to get advantage of master-detail relationship field.

Bhola VishwakarmaBhola Vishwakarma

i have a custom object as InvestmentAsset__c in which i have custom field as

Allocated_Amount__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM GoalInvestmentAssetAssociation)

in this i have formula field called as

fixedIncomesValue__c	Formula (Currency)

FundValue__c	Formula (Currency)

Stock_Value__c	Formula (Currency)

TotalAsset__c	Formula (Currency)

but when i put some constant values in TotalAsset__c that values are shown on my vf page 

their r 3 recordtypes

when i click on one of the record types a inputfield is dispalyed after filling the values that values should be displayed

but when i put the constant value as 200 in totalAsset__c

it shows me on vf like 

stocks       200
mutualFunds  200
fixedIncome  200

but my condition is that when click on stocks totalAsset__c field should calculate the values and display on Stocks 
so as follows on the mutualfund and fixed income

so my req is that if i put a formula like if($recordType.name='stock',curr*qua,if($recordTpe.name='mutualFund',nav*qua)) in TotalAsset__c




and i have another custom object called as GoalInvestmentAssetAssociation__c

in which i have the following field 

allocated__c	     Percent(16, 2)
Allocation__c	     Number(16, 2)
Goal__c	             Master-Detail(Goal)
GoalYearValue__c     Number(16, 2)
Investment_Asset__c  Master-Detail(Investment Asset)




so ur help will be greatly app how to go about it