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How to pass this string and also records



Here below i have APImagefiles with records. Say 3 records have false for either of the photo and my list now has 3 records which i need to pass to web service callout. But if each of the record is missing a different photo number i need to pass the string value P1/P2/P3/P4. And also i need to pass total of 3 fields for each record ID,AP_Fodername__c, (string P1/P2/P3/P4)


Can you please suggest how i can pass these records

Cyrrently i am using a .net web service Method and it takes string types. 



public  class APImageUpdates {
  public void APImagesMissing()
    string Photo1 = 'P1';
    string Photo2 = 'P2';
    string Photo3 = 'P3';
    string Photo4 = 'P4';
    List<Contact> APContacts = new List<Contact>();
    List<AP_Application__c> APImagefiles = new List<AP_Application__c>();    
    Map<String,String> APMissImgvalues = new Map<String,String>();

    //Loop through Contacts for Available AuPairs 
    for(Contact contact: APContacts) 
      system.debug('Entered the List');      
      if(contact.AP_Status__c =='Available' && contact.RecordTypeId =='012300000000AHhAAM')
        for(AP_Application__c APAppObj: [Select Id,Au_Pair__c,AP_Folder_Name__c From AP_Application__c where Au_Pair__c =: contact.Id])
          if(APAppObj.IsExist_Photo1__c == false || APAppObj.IsExist_Photo2__c == false || APAppObj.IsExist_Photo3__c == false || APAppObj.IsExist_Photo4__c == false)
          update APImagefiles;
     System.debug('List of APs missing images:' +APImagefiles);  
     //Create the Stub
     AJAXOrg.AjaxSoap service = new AJAXOrg.AjaxSoap();       
     // Make the Web service call      
       String output = service.GAPNetworkImages();