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How to create new record when using controller extensions and Save and New

I have a custom object with a list of related objects and I'm using a controller extension to create the object and apply a list of related objects to it. Everything is working correctly for the normal save functionality.


However, when I try and create a Save and New button, it is not creating a new object, it is merely opening the same object again. How do I create a new object so it won't save over the existing one?


The page has the oppid as a parameter, and calls the saveAndNew action.


Here are the relevant sections from the class (I think):

public with sharing class InvoiceExt {
	public STT_Invoice__c i {get;set;}
	Id OppId = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('oppid');

// Constructor to extend the class
	public InvoiceExt(ApexPages.StandardController c){
		controller = c;
		i = (STT_Invoice__c) c.getRecord();
		i.Opportunity__c = OppId;
		Opportunity opp = [Select Account.Finance_Contact__c, AccountId From Opportunity where Id = :i.Opportunity__c limit 1];
		i.Recipient__c = opp.Account.Finance_Contact__c;
		i.Account__c = opp.AccountId;
		i.Estimated_Send_Date__c =;
		i.Payment_Terms__c = '15 Days';

public PageReference saveAndNew(){
		PageReference p = Page.NewInvoice;
		// Get the new Invoice Id
		InvoiceId = controller.getId();

		i = new STT_Invoice__c();
		return p;
	/* The standard controller object which will be used later for navigation and to invoke
       it's save action method to create the new Quote. */
    private ApexPages.StandardController controller;