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Activity on Leads/Contacts and Campaign Help

Hi All,


I tried reaching out to Salesforce to help on this, and they recommended I try the Developer Board first.


Our Marketing team provides lists to our Sales Team who needs to reach out and make phone calls and schedule demos. Right now the activity tracking isn't in one place ( I can pull a Lead or Contact or Opportunity activity and Campaign report), but I need a more cohesive system of tracking so things don't fall off the radar and I can get a full picture of what activities drive our business.


I am open to other suggestions, but ideally, I would want any activity on a Lead, Contact, or Opportunity associated with a Campaign to also populate under the "Campaign History" section in additon to the individual record. 


Alternatively, another option that is less preferable is to have the Campaign Member status updated based on the activity done on the Lead/Contact/Opp record - i.e. if there is a phone call, change the status to "Call", etc.


We are B2B and often provide a company name for our Sales team, but they will add additional Contacts, and those aren't necessarily counted in the campaign... but if I could get the activities from the Opps logged under the campaign, we would have a better idea of what our selling cycle looks like.


Does this all make sense?


Also, if anyone else runs similar campaigns or has similar challanges and knows of a good way to solve them or help automatically associate Leads/Contact with a campaign, I would love to hear about it.


Our marketing team will provide a list to our sales team of company names only and the sales team needs to source the correct people. It's semi-impossible to track these all the way through because of new leads added and I started putting the companies in as Accounts so that any Contacts and Opportunities will be associated but this does not seem ideal.


Again, any suggestions of anyone who has found workarounds or apps or codes to help with any of this would be greatly appreciated.


I know this is a long post. I am a novice and trying to learn coding but my understanding of coding is very basic right now.


Thank you in advance!





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I second this! I would love any solution so we can accurately track activities related to campaigns.

It's easy for us to enroll the contacts we want in campaigns (though I'd also like to put a plug in here for being able to enroll companies as well), but our sales team uses a software called Outreach that automatically sets up sequences to enroll these contacts and leads in. Unfortunately I don't think that Outreach can automatically relate any activities (emails, calls, etc.) to the Salesforce campaign, leaving us in a hard spot where we're basically having interns go back and manually relate every activity associated with a contact in a campaign to that same campaign. These reports are relaly helpful to see so we have more insight into follow-up and what is working.

It would be great if all activities related to campaign members can automatically be associated with the campaign within a given timeframe (or at least have the ability to turn a feature like that on).

I suppose this could be dealt with in a workflow, but does anyone have any suggestions here?