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Very Urgent----Test Class for Trigger

When i write a  test class for a trigger the "if condition part of code is getting covered but not the else how to cover the else part."


Part of Trigger is 

               p.Address_1__c = assMap.get(p.Associate__c).Current_Address__c; 
               p.City__c = assMap.get(p.Associate__c).Current_City__c; 
             p.Address_1__c = ''; 
             p.City__c = ''; 
           }     //This part is not getting covered with my test class ...please help me //

Test class

 Associate__c aa =new Associate__c(Name='TestAss' ,Associate_ID__c='ASSID', Last_Name__c='AssLName',Current_Address__c='TestAddress',Current_City__c='TestCity',Current_Zip__c='45678',Current_State__c='TX');          
  insert aa;  


Patient__c p=new Patient__c(Name='TestUser',,CID__c='ASSID',Type__c='Agent',Address_1__c='TestAddressStreet',City__c='TestCity',State__c='TX',Zip__c='75423');
         insert p;
         update p;






try creating and inserting another Patient.  Make sure the second patitient object does not meet  the if condition.  Make a patitient whose Associciate__C field does = null.


Patient__c p1=new Patient__c(Name='TestUser',Associ​ate__c=null,CID__c='HID',Type__c='Agent',Addres​s_1__c='',City__c='',Stat​e__c='',Zip__c='');
         insert p1;
         update p1;



I gave this wawy tested but it didnot go into the else loop