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Urgent-----Help required on using map on VF ?



 I need a help on using Map on VF page .


public Map<Integer, String> bucketOrderMap{get;set;}


String bucketQuery = 'select Id, Name, Tutorial_Bucket_Unique_Name__c, Sort_Order__c from Tutorial_Bucket_Order__c where Name like \''+ tCategory.getName() +'\'';// and sort_order__c >='+ (currentBucket.sort_order__c - 1) + ' and sort_order__c <= '+currentBucket.sort_order__c + 1 ;       


bucketOrderMap = new Map<Integer, String>();               

for(Tutorial_Bucket_Order__c  curr:Database.query(bucketQuery))  {           

bucketOrderMap.put(Integer.valueOf(curr.sort_order__c), curr.Tutorial_Bucket_Unique_Name__c);     



ON VF=========



  <apex:repeat value="{!bucketOrderMap}" var="c">         

          <apex:outputLabel value="{!c.Label}" />                     

          <!-- <li id="buck_{!c.}">{!c.Label}</li> -->               




In Vf page i got prob. can any body help me how to do it on this withour <apex:pageblock table>