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‘single email message’ ‘reply-to’ is not working when I specify an ‘email service’ address?

I’m trying to complete an email service to handle an approval process requests. Everything is working fine if I manually put the email service address in the ‘to’ box of my email. I cant figure out why the email service address is not showing up in my ‘to’ box automatically when i click ‘reply’ to the email and the single email message reply-to was set to the email service address.


I also tried to setup the email service address as an organizational wide email address so I can just send from the email service address and hopefully force the correct reply-to. However the verification email sent when you setup an Org Wide email is not coming through. I do not understand this either as I have setup an inbound email class for the address to create a task for my user. So I could receive and click on the verification link. No email comes through.