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Global Class Issues

Hello, I'm trying to set up something so that when users select from a list of accounts that they would be brought over to a VF page, where they'll get exported into a spread sheet.


This mostly works, but I'm having a issue with transferring the ids from one page to the other. I've tried using a global variable and while I can populate it, it doesn't seem to carry over. Any ideas?


Global Class


global class Configero_DupeIDs {
 public static Boolean Ready = false;
 global static List<ID> dupeIds=new List<ID>();
  public static void setDupeIDs(List<ID> d){
 public static List<ID> getDupeIDs(){
  return dupeids;
 public static void setReady(boolean r){
 public static boolean getReady(){
  return ready;
 public static testMethod void testSkipTriggers(){
    list<id> ids=new list<id>();
    list <account> aids=[select id from account limit 10];
    for(account a:aids)

List<ID> getb;
      getb=  Configero_DupeIDs.getDupeIds();

 Export method (This seems to work)

 public void Export(){
     Configero_DupeIDS.dupeids=new List<ID>();
     List<ID> dids=new List<ID>();
     System.debug('withdupelist '+withdupelist);
     for(DupeWrapper wd:withdupelist)
     System.debug('accwrap '+wd.dupelist);
         for(AccountWrapper aw:wd.dupelist)
             system.debug('aw ' +aw);
             {   dids.add(;
     System.debug('Dids '+dids);
     System.debug('Configero_DupeIDs.dupeids '+Configero_DupeIDs.dupeids);

 Retrieving the ids method on another page/controller

public with sharing class DuplicationController {

    public DuplicationController(ApexPages.StandardSetController controller) {

    public List<Account> DupeList { get; set; }
    public DuplicationController()
    public void init(){
        system.debug('Dupeids '+configero_dupeids.getdupeids());
        List <ID> dids=configero_dupeids.getdupeids();
        DupeList=[select id from Account where id in: dids];



Global variables will not be stored from one action to a separate page load. 


When the second page is loading, that receives its own context (set of limits, variable initialization, etc)


What you can do is save the IDs to a query string parameter and take them from there on the second page (ie, go to,2,3,4,5,56,6,7,8,8,8,7)


or you can save the list of IDs to a custom object/custom setting and retrive it from the data base when loading the second page (ie: go to