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URL No Longer Exists for RESTful API

Hi All,


     I have created a Rest API and return a string. i got stuck with a error message.


"URL No Longer Exists".


its will be great if anyone could help me on this.



@RestResource(urlMapping= '/GetService/*')
global with sharing class getTarget
    global static String getRestMethod(RestRequest req,RestResponse res)
        String name = req.params.get('name');
        return 'Hello'+name+', you have just invoked a custom Apex REST web service exposed using REST API' ;



Apex Class

public class getService
    public string getname{get; set;}
    public string name{get; set;}
    public PageReference submit()
        getname = getNameMethod(name);
        return null;
    public static string getNameMethod(string name)
        HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
        Http http = new Http();
        string url = ''+name;
        req.setHeader('Authorization', 'OAuth '+UserInfo.getSessionId());
        HTTPResponse resp = http.send(req);
        return resp.getBody();


VF Page

<apex:page controller="getService">
    <apex:form >
        <apex:pageBlock >

        <apex:pageBlockSection >
               <apex:pageBlockSectionItem >
                    <apex:outputLabel for="name">Name</apex:outputLabel>
                    <apex:inputText id="name" value="{!name}"/>

        <apex:commandButton action="{!submit}" value="Submit"> </apex:commandButton>
        <br/><br/>        {!getname}


Thanks in advance..