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Which training class should I take

Hi.  I am not an application developer.  I have experience with writing SQL stored procedure codes.  I have begun using force.com and built an app.  It's simple - no vf pages, no triggers, no APEX at all.


I want to learn APEX and am thinking of taking the Intro to Object Oriented Programming that salesforce.com offers. I'm wondering if anyone would recommend this instead of the DEV-401 class, based on my experience.





The Dev 401 course is primarily targetted at the declarative side of Salesforce development, i.e. clicking buttons, and it seems you've got your head around that. I'd suggest the OO course may be of more use, sure it'll be more generic than doing the 501 (VF & Apex) but you can apply those skills and learn the platform specific parts by following the developer's guide.


If you need to do any certification course means please follow what MattLacey said, Or else use can get the code samples and flows in www.developerforce.com. Here you can find all the post related to salesforce like visualforce pages, Controller, Wrappers and even news updates