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Emulate Field Level Help

I am trying to emulate the Field-Level Help in an HTML table. I don't want to use the PageBlockSectionItem method.  I am using a JavaScript example someone posted here which creates a popup window.  The onmouseover event successfully creates a new window, but the onmouseout event does not close it.  Any suggestions.  Thanks


<td width="20%" style="font-weight:bold;">Account
<apex:image value="/s.gif" styleClass="helpOrb" title="" onmouseover="openWin('{!$ObjectType.ATP_Account_Plan__c.fields.Account__c.inlineHelpText}');" onmouseout="closeWin();"/>    
<td><apex:inputField value="{!newAccPlan.Account__c}"/></td>

    var newWin;
 function openWin(item)
    newWin=window.open('', 'Help','height=200,width=800,left=200,top=100');
 function closeWin() {newWin.close();}