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Missing Tabs-Salesforce Navigation in visualforce page



I have this page.

<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!Results}" var="transaction" rendered="{!resultvalue}">

<apex:inputhidden value="{!transaction.tranId}" id="transactid" />

  <apex:column headerValue="Date Last Used" value="{!transaction.tDate2}" />
    <apex:column headerValue="Last 4 digits" value="{!transaction.cardnum}"/>
    <apex:column headerValue="Expiration Date" value="{!transaction.cardexp}"/>
  <apex:column headerValue="Card Type" value="{!transaction.cardname}"/>
    <apex:column >
    <apex:commandLink action="{!Vterminal}" value="Virtual Terminal"  target="_self" styleClass="btn" >
               <apex:param name="para" value="{!transaction.tranId}" assignTo="{!para}"></apex:param>
               <apex:param name="expired" value="{!transaction.cardexp}" assignTo="{!expired}"></apex:param>                                             






public PageReference Vterminal()
    expmonth = Integer.valueOf(expired.substring(0,2));
    expyear = Integer.valueOf(expired.substring(3,7));
    expmonthdate = Date.newInstance(expyear, expmonth,31 );
    System.debug('expired monthdate valueeee'+para);
      p=new PageReference('/apex/VirtualTerminal?id='+para);
        return p;



But When I click on the command Link of Virtual Terminal, I got the visualforce page but without header information., i mean tabs etc.


How can I get>?


Could you please provide the details of the attribute for <apex:page> you have used in the page "VirtualTerminal"?


There is attibute called "showheader" if you have set it to false it will hide the header on the page. 


This is the page code for Virtual Terminal..



<apex:page controller="GlobalController" tabStyle="C_P_Virtual_Terminal__tab"  title="C&P Virtual Terminal" >
     <apex:form >           
         <apex:pageblock title="">
             <apex:iframe src="{!$Api.Session_ID}&ServerURL={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_190}&UserName={!$User.Username}&AccountID={!$Organization.Id}&PatronID={!ContactId}&tranId={!tranId}&b={!xmlvalue[0].Payment_For__c} scrolling="true" height="920"/>



Please check that whatever   "C_P_Virtual_Terminal__tab" you are using having correct Name of the Cutstom object . Have created Tab for the Custom object ????