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Sharepoint document library

We have a custom object that uses an auto number field to uniquely identify each record.


For a number of internal reasons we have to use sharepoint document libraries to manage attachments.  This policy will never change until incorporates versions and check in/check out within the content module.


Has anybody ever built a custom button that would automatically create a new folder within an existing sharepoint document library.


For example:


  1. Our custom object is called "Deal Request", the auto number field is called "DR Number".
  2. Our document library is located at\sharepoint\documents  
  3. When a new deal request record is created the user would be able to push a button called "create attachments folder"
  4. Pushing the button would automatically create a new folder in the existing document library:\sharepoint\documents\drnumber  (where dr number is the new number assigned to the new record just created).

Has anyone ever done something like this?  Could you provide any tips or tricks to look for?


Thanks in advance.



sap ghoshsap ghosh



Did u manage to implement this? if so could you pass me some inputs.

I looking for an exact similar solution..





We did get this working.  Long story short, we have some really good sharepoint 2010 developers.


I'm a administrator, I'm not familiar with all the custom things they build and configured within Sharepoint to get this all to work when salesforce passed it some data via a URL.  From the side we created two custom buttons on our object we wanted to connect to sharepoint.


1.  Create new sharepoint document library

2.  View sharepoint document library


The first button is basically a URL that passes several parameters to sharepoint that we parse in sharepoint to build a new document library and set all the metadata within sharepoint for easier searching.  For example, I pass a the account name, the opportunity name, the opportunityID, something we call the opporutnity number which is a user friendly six digit opportunity ID (an auto num field) among some other parameters too.


When the users pushes the "create" button  a new window opens up a second later displaying their new sharepoint document library.  If they try to create a second document library they get a sharepoint error message in the window stating a library already exists.


When the user pushes the view document library button they get a new window showing the contents.  If they push the button and there is no library to display (because the user never created one first) they get a sharepoint error message letting them know a library has not been created yet.


It's not perfect, but it works for us.





Ken KoellnerKen Koellner

Can I ask how you connected to Sharepoint from SF?


Is there a proxy server set up so can call sharepoint within your firewall?


How did you handle authentication from SF to sharepoint?


Michael Davis 15Michael Davis 15
I know this is quite a few years out but I am looking for something like this.  Any ideas if you can get this same solution to work with Sharepoint Online?  When the new page was displayed, was that part of Salesforce?  Was that a visualforce page or was it displayed some other way?