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Juan SpagnoliJuan Spagnoli 

System Log Console - Where did the download button go???

I'm with the new system log console and I can't find how to download a log... Any clue? : /




When you double click the log file, in the execution section, there is a download button...


If you are using the new developer log console, I believe that you have to use debug log monitoring to download as the button has been removed,

Juan SpagnoliJuan Spagnoli

Yes, that is what I did.  But it's strange that the download button is missing.


The Debug Log download functionality is also broken now. If you click the link, it shows the full log in your browser when it used to download the file. Also, when you try to "Save Target As", the download fails. Quite annoying.

Juan SpagnoliJuan Spagnoli

Really? Well... Try with "Save As" menu, or just copy all the content of the log to a txt file :P


I suppose that this is something that sfdc will fix soon.. It's difficult to believe that they remove download button on purpose.