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Struggling with Git and Eclipse

1. The eclipse Git plugin seems to have no way of removing files from source control except by command line.


2. I don't want to keep managed packages in source control, but I am unable to remove them even if I DO use the command line! They just keep coming back.


I want to roll out Git to the company I work with, and these are looking like show-stoppers, I've spent days ... maybe just missing something obvious? Any help much appreciated!








You can try this 


you would open a bash session, go to the root directory of your project currently shared with Git (the one directory with the .git in it), and run the git clean -d.


for more detail refer the followong link


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved. 




Git clean -d seems to be about removing untracked files from the working directory.  I want to do the opposite - keep the local copy but stop the file being tracked - the eqiuvalent of "git rm --cached".


Using EGit, I get commit errors after doing Team->Untrack or running "git rm --cached" in a terminal. 


Using the Aptana plugin, there seems to be no GUI way to untrack a file but at least it lets me commit after running "git rm --cached" in a terminal.


I would really like a GUI way of untracking a file that then allows you to commit and push upstream thus removing the file from the upstream repo.


Never mind about referenced packages, I think that is a separate problem.