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Record sharing through Trigger

Hi everyone, 

i am new to writing triggers.

i need a small help from you guys, let me explain the scenario.


we have 2 custom objects under accounts. custum object 1 is Master detail to Account, custom object 2 is look up to account and custom object 1. 


1. we have 3 fields on object 1, status, user and owner custom fields.

2. we have object 2 as a related list in object 1 record.

3. in org wide setting i have set object 2 as private permissions to create a sharing obejct for object 2.


i need to write a trigger on object 1 or object 2, when the status is set to true on object 1, we have to give the access to object 2 for user and owner fields on object 1. this trigger has to fire only when the status is true.

and also whenever the user or owner values are changed i need to give the access to old users aswell as new users.


can anyone help me out with some sample code.


thanks in advance.


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Please go through this link



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