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Web to Custom Object?????

Like Web to Lead,

Is to possible to save the records from Web to any of the custom objects ?





There is no out-of-the box feature where you can associate the record from "Web to lead" to custom object. But you can achieve this using the custom development.

Once the lead gets created(may be with specific record type); you can create the related custom object record using the trigger.


Also there are also 3rd party vendors that allow you to do web to a custom object using their only forms

Check out..http://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000001rmjpEAA


The third option is to use Force.com sites and build your forms.


Hi kulkarni,


What you said is exactly right,

But here my requirement is to save the web forms directly to the custom object and not to the LEAD object,

Because here depends upon the role categories we showed the objects, If we saved in LEAD and then converted to custom objects means the other peoples can able to see the web forms in lead object,

To prevent that we are choosing the above concept..


If we saved directly to the custom object, Other category people may not see in LEAD object

Thank you for your great time!!

Solution if you're using Contact forms on Wordpress, but can be adapted even if you're not, provided you're recording all your contact form submissions in a central location.