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Limit in select

Hi, In MySQL we have limit on select for examle "SELECT * from Table where x=y order by z LIMIT 5,10"


It will return only 6,7,8,9 rows.


What is a equal sintax in appex trigger?


Unfortunatly there is not a similar syntax.


You would have to put the LIMIT 10 in a SIQL, results to a list, then access hte list using array notation [6] [7] [8] [9] etc

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Same syntax is not availabel in Apex..

You can do like this 


There is no * fro query you need to put manuaaly all teh fields like below


List<ObjectAPIName> lstOBj=[select  Id,Name from ObjectName limit 10];


//Now in lstOBj you have 10 records

//For 6th record

ObjectAPIName obj6thRecord=lstOBj[5];


//For 7th record

ObjectAPIName obj7thRecord=lstOBj[6];


//For 8th record

ObjectAPIName obj8thRecord=lstOBj[7];


//For 9th record

ObjectAPIName obj9thRecord=lstOBj[8];


//For 10th record

ObjectAPIName obj10thRecord=lstOBj[9];


//If you want all the record you can iterate in loop like below

for(ObjectApiName varObj:lstOBj){

sysytem.debug('varObj--------------->' + varObj);



Let me know if need any other help on this





Use can do something like this:
List<account> acn=new list<account>();
for(account ac:[select id from account limit 10])
{ Integer i=1;
If(i>5 !! i<10)

System.debug(‘@@@@@@@@@@@’ +acn);

And for working like * u have to make an string which will contain all the fields related to that object and pass that string as query using database.query method.


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