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How can i save the Csv file to the DOCUMENT Object automatically??



Here my problem is,


1. At present i have a link to download my Csv file to the local Resource(Computer),

2. Instead of this now i need to save the Csv file internally (in the Document object).

    Because i need to send this Downloaded Csv as  a attachment via mail to the particular user,

    who gave the request to  download this Csv file.

3. And now the point is while clicking the Link "Is it possible to save the Csv file automatically in Document Object ?? "

4. If so please let me describe me the way to do the task


Thank you


Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

If you use APEX - you can just create a new "Document" sObject record and pass along the base64 "Body" from the Attachment to the Document.  (Assuming your "link" is from an Attachment or is a link to an APEX method that creates one)