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Shailesh DeshpandeShailesh Deshpande 

Meeting Request not getting converted into Event



I am creating a Meeting request from the Calendar Section on the Home page. As per salesforce documentation, when we create a Meeting request and confirm it, it gets converted into a multi person event.


But when I confirm the Meeting, the meeting does not get converted into the multi person event.


I debugged and found out that i am having a trigger on Event object which is referring to the Start Date & End Date fields on the event object. Hence I am getting an error while i confirm the meeting, as the Start Date and End Date fields on the event during conversion are Null.


But then if i comment out those 2 statements from the code, an event is created on conversion. What is weird here is that the Start Date and End Date fields on event are populated with the value of Meeting's Start and End date Time. So i dont understand, why is the value shown as null when the trigger is fired.


Can anybody help me with this? OR can anybody provide me what fields of Meeting are Mapped into event on conversion as i dont find any documentation on this. Also is there any way by which we can identify whether the event is a created manually or from Meeting Request?





You can make the different condition inside the event trigger like below:

If( event.startdatetime == null)
///////////// Write your code here which you have modified in your trigger //////
////////////////// Write the old code here.


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