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issue with 'case' trigger-Invalid field?

I'm getting an Error: Compile Error: Invalid field contactemail for SObject Case at line 4 column 10

which is strange to me since Contact Email {contactemail} is a listed field in 'cases'. In fact almost none of the case fields are considered valid...

I tried writing a sample trigger for 'accounts' and had no problems since all the fields were available. Oddly enough the only field that seems 'readable' is Web Email {suppliedemail}


trigger trigCase on Case (after insert)


    for(case c:trigger.new)


       string e=c.contactemail;




Any help/clues would be appreciated.



      There is no contactemail field in case object.its a lookup relationship with contact object.

You can use contact.Email rather than contactemail.To more explore about case fields you can go with eclipse IDE.


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