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Detect changes in Account Teams on Account object

We are working on synchronization where records from "Account Teams" section on Account object will be synchronized with other system. The trigger for synchronization is, when Users are added/changed/removed from Account Teams for Account. During investigation on how to detect changes in Account Teams, we found that when Users added/changed/removed from "Account Teams" section on Account, trigger on Account object is NOT fired. Also we cannot write trigger on AccountTeamMember standard object because it is not supported in SFDC. AccountTeamMember object is not available for "Field Update" and "Workflow Rule". What is the best way to detect changes in Account Teams?


Use the getUpdated and getDeleted calls of the Web Services API call to detect periodic changes. You should be able to use a stripped down Enterprise WSDL if you'd like to make some Apex Code for this, or you can use an external integration. You are correct in your observation that you can't use triggers, workflow messages or field updates, etc. This is the only known solution at this time.