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How to clone the last 6 Order???


i have sales Order and Sales Order Lines there is a Master detail relationship between them.now when i click cloneOrder detail page button on Sales Order page the latest 6 Order should be clone with Account information and sales order lines should be clone for the particuler Order.

if suppose 

1st sales order have 5 sales orderlines.

2nd sales order have 3 sales order lines.

3rd sales order have 6 sales order lines

and so on up to 6 records.

wen i click CloneOrder button 6 recently create orders should clone with Account information and for the partculer order order lines should be clone.

would you please any one help me.

thanks in advance...


I guess it should be possible with some coding in Visualforce/Apex.

Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

How are you defining "the last 6 orders"?