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How to deploy a trigger in Eclipse ?



I have an error in the deployment of a trigger in Salesforce and I would like to know if there is another way to deploy it, for example in Eclipse and to go beyond the error ?

(The error is due to a limit :   Number of SOQL queries: 101 out of 100 ******* CLOSE TO LIMIT and I can't solve the pb, I haven't a query inside a for loops...)


Thank you for your help.



There may be any workflow working on this. If so then please deactivate this and then try to deploy. Can you please post your trigger???????? Have you handled the bulkily your trigger code??????????



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It's complicated :


I made a trigger on opportunity with a test class on a sand box and it is ok.

But there is another trigger on opportunity (made by someone else for a long time and already deployed) and when I try to deploy my trigger, I have an error on the other trigger.


My pb and my trigger :



I can't post the other trigger because it is too long.


You say to me to desactivate any workflow, that is to say ? Workflow rule, validation rule ?


Thank you for you help.