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Login API and wsdl

Hi Friends,


I want to call login api of salesforce  from the client so that I can login to salesforce by passing username,password and security token and then establish session and then query information from saleforce and store it in another system


I know either I have to write helper class or use enterprise wsdl and then use login API to do login and establish session.


I do not want to write enterprise wsdl rather I want to  use enterprise wsdl .However,When I try to download it deom saleforce.I do not see anything there..How do I get it,can somebody please advise







which language are you using to access the API? You don't need write helper classes if you are using either of PHP, Java, .NET or Ruby, there are libraries available for them.




As for the WSDL, you can download the WSDL from Setup->App Setup ->Develop->API


Let me know if that helps