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Replace a single value from a group of values in Rich text box?

Hi All,

i just need to know about how to remove a single value from a group of values in a rich text box
It deals with the two custom fields namely classes (Rich text box) and Completed Classes(Text box) and Two triggers.

Defaultly i created a trigger to auto populate all the class name from Trigger 1,
Now i need is once completed class value choosed, the choosed value from The Rich text box should be Removed from the Trigger 2

Classes containing lst of class name like as follows
Class 1 , Class 2, Class 3

In completed class user choosed one value among from the Above Rich text box
For Ex:

If User choose class 2 in Completed class,
We should remove the class 1 value from the Rich text box
So the rich text box should display value as

Class 1
Class 3

NOTE: Currently im using a trigger to populate all the available classes in thr rich text box and what i need to do is to remove the selected value from Rich text box

Your suugestion are most welcome






You have to write a trigger to achieve this. Try the below code as reference (This trigger is on contact object made changes accordingly):


trigger RemoveFromRichText on Contact (before insert)


    string st=trigger.new[0].To_be_scheduled__c;// To_be_scheduled is rich text field.

    string st1=trigger.new[0].scheduled_classes__c; //scheduled_classes is text field.

    string new1=st.replace(st1,'');


    system.debug('@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@' +new1);



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