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Looping through multi-select picklist values

Could I get simple example of how to loop through a multi-select picklist field?




Which are you trying to do:


1. Loop through the values selected


Account a = [Select AMSPICKLIST__c From account Limit 1];


String[] tmpString = a.AMSPICKLIST__c.split(';');


For(Stirng s : tmpString)




2. Loop through the available options to select from?


public List<selectOption> getPickValues(Sobject object_name, String field_name, String first_val) {
      List<selectOption> options = new List<selectOption>(); //new list for holding all of the picklist options
      if (first_val != null) { //if there is a first value being provided
         options.add(new selectOption(first_val, first_val)); //add the first option
      Schema.sObjectType sobject_type = object_name.getSObjectType(); //grab the sobject that was passed
      Schema.DescribeSObjectResult sobject_describe = sobject_type.getDescribe(); //describe the sobject
      Map<String, Schema.SObjectField> field_map = sobject_describe.fields.getMap(); //get a map of fields for the passed sobject
      List<Schema.PicklistEntry> pick_list_values = field_map.get(field_name).getDescribe().getPickListValues(); //grab the list of picklist values for the passed field on the sobject
      for (Schema.PicklistEntry a : pick_list_values) { //for all values in the picklist list
         if(a.getValue() != 'unknown' && a.getValue() != 'Other' )         
            options.add(new selectOption(a.getValue(), a.getLabel())); //add the value and label to our final list
      return options; //return the List

 Then to loop through it:


For(SelectOption so : RESULTS)




This in multipicklist like strings splitted by  ";". the rest is easy.
Pasan  EeriyagamaPasan Eeriyagama
I wonder how do I retrieve selected values from mulit-picklist field.. Above always return all the values it seems.
Sagar Nagvekar 14Sagar Nagvekar 14
For identifying only the selected values from a multi-select picklist Cars__c from Account :-
Account accountRecord = [select id, name, Cars__c from Account where name = 'Microsoft India'];
String[] carsOwned = accountRecord.Cars__c.split(';');
System.debug('Cars owned by this account are ' + carsOwned);