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I'm stumped

I have this code on an email template but the error says that the field name "Product2" is not valid. Is this because it is a picklist? If so How do I capture this value for the table>


<apex:repeat var="cx"


href="https://na1.salesforce.com/{!cx.id}">View</a> |



Product2 in the standard object name not a field name. Do you mean to use the name field?


Yes, but I thought that was it.  This is the Quote Line item. CAn you tell me what the field name should be?


Try name


Not sure what field you want to display


Quote Line Item Product (Name)


I am not the best with quotelineitem stuff but I believe that product is onle of those special cases. You would have to get the pricebookentryID from the quotelineitem record and look up the pricebook entry.


someone correct me if I am wrong....


These are the available fields when doing a describe sobject on quote line item:



How does this help me? There has to be a way I can send the infroamtion ia acutally need!


I am not a sophiticated APEx guy, so I need a bit more help than  maybe some others, (this is actually my first attempt)


I absolutely have to communicate what the product name is of the line item.


I need help!!!!