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validation rule not working

Check/ DD date should be kept equal or greater than Receipt date.


Check_DD_Date__c >= Receipt_Date__c


Its not working validation rule.


Validation rules result in an error when the result is true. So, to write this correctly, you have to define the condition where it is an error.


Check_DD_Date__c < Receipt_Date__c

This states that when Check_DD_Date__c is less than Receipt_Date__c, the system should generate an error.

Abhay AroraAbhay Arora

just add a NOT(Check_DD_Date__c >= Receipt_Date__c) i think it will work for you

Abhay AroraAbhay Arora

Please confirm if above worked for you and mark it solved


Thanks, actually it getting conflict in sandbox which im using as there are n number of validation.

Sushma  RamakrishnanSushma Ramakrishnan
Thanks so much Abhay Arora...I had a similar issue...
Your Solution helped me...:)