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'Update' doesn't appear to be working. =/

I'm building an app that utilizes Jigsaw through a web service, but I'm having trouble getting 'update' to work as expected.


The idea is that a company is represented as an Account object with an optional jigsaw id field. When an Account object is requested, the app checks to see if that field is set; if not, it makes a query against Jigsaw and, if only one value is returned, will update the object with that value. There are several other objects involved, so I've created a new Apex class to tie everything together.


The apex class contains a field 'privAccount', which is the privately-stored local reference to its corresponding Account object. For getting and setting its jigsaw id, I have some code like this:


public String jigsawId {
		get {
			return (this.privAccount == null ? '' : this.privAccount.jigsaw_clean__Jigsaw_Id__c);
		set {
			if (this.privAccount == null)
			this.privAccount.jigsaw_clean__Jigsaw_Id__c = value;
			Database.SaveResult result = Database.update(this.privAccount);
			if (!result.isSuccess())
				System.debug('update failed for account: ' + this.privAccount.Id);


I've scattered debug statements throughout the code, and the result of the update call claims that it was successful, but when I run a query against the updated Account object, its jigsaw id field remains null.


Any ideas why this is happening?