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Sharing settings issue on cases

OWD on case is private with different sharing rules for different groups. Now I need to created an alternate case owner field and user in this field should have the same privileges as the owner. 


Please suggest me some way to do this. Thank You






You can use the individual sharing rule for that. As you know we can’t use lookup field inside the criteria based sharing rule. So I would suggest that create a Custom Text field and remove this from the layout. Now you can write a workflow rule (every time record is created and edited) to update this custom filed value with that user name which you have selected in lookup. Once you have done with this activate the workflow rule. Now you have to write a sharing rule on case object in which you have to select the criteria based sharing.


Your look should be like this:

NewCustomField__c contains User1 share the record with user 1. If you are unable to select the user1 then create a public group1 and add user1 in that group.


Similarly you can write the sharing rule for other users also.

Note: You can also use Apex sharing to do this.


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved. 


Thank you for the response. 


I did what you told me to. I am now able to use the text field in the sharing rule. But if I share it with a group then the users in the group will have access to the other records as well in which they are not alternate owners. How do I go about with it?