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Hi All,


In SalesForce.com can we create a scheduler to run every 3 mintues? I tried to do that by excuting the following command in developer console:

System.schedule('schdulername','0 3 * * * ?n',new SchedulerClassName());


But first time the scheduler running correctly but after then onwards it taking minimu 1 hour to run next scheduled job. Why it is that? Is it a salesforce limitation?


BTW, I am doing this testing from a dev org. Can I expect the same behaviour in production org?


Please let me know how to over come this. Thanks in advance!







Yes in salesforce you cannot schedule on minute basis, minimum 1 hour to run next scheduled job, as there is no delimits values used in minute. For example, you can use JAN, MAR, APR to specify more than one month. But the same is not applied for minute.


For more information Refer to below url ::



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