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Accessing Custom Settings Object in Apex

I am at my wits end trying to get access to a custom settings object via Apex in a trigger and in a class.


Here's a simple class to get all the IDs from a custom settings object called ETO_LRT__c that has two fields Record_Type_Name__c and Record_Type_Id__c. I definitely have at least one dataset defined for this object.


When I try to access it via a utility class method, it always returns 0 values.


Here's the class


public class ETO_LeadUtils {

   public static Set<Id> ETO_AllRTs() {

   Set<Id> RTList = new Set<Id>();

   Map<String, ETO_LRT__c> CSMap= ETO_LRT__c.getAll();

   system.debug('Number of ETO LRTs = '+CSMap.size());


   for(String s : CSMap.keySet()){



      return RTList;  }


 @isTest    public static void ETO_testAll(){

   ETO_LeadUtils.ETO_AllRTs();    }



What am I doing wrong?




BTW I subsequently tried executing the following from the Developer Console (great new feature) and got a record returned, so I've verified there is actually a system-accessible record in the object.


List<ETO_LRT__c> lLRTs = [SELECT Record_type_Id__c FROM ETO_LRT__c];


I bet it's something simple.


WHen I execute the SELECT Statement above in the Developer Console Execute window, it returns a single row.  But when I execute the same query from within the class method, it returns 0 rows.  My Custom Settings object ETO_LRT__c is is a Public List.  But it looks like it something to do with access.

Hi michael
this is because SFDC enabled new feature for test classes which is @test(seeAllData=true).
By default it is false in test class. You need to make it on.

aslam bari