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Creation of PDF from an even object object

Hi Friends,


I want to create PDF file from the record of an event object.Does anyone know how to go about it?

Can somebody please help?


If there is some example of how they have done it?







Use a Visualforce page, with renderAs="PDF" in the header.



<apex:page controller="ctrl_CustomControllerName" showHeader="False" Sidebar="false" renderAs="PDF"  >


Thanks for the reply Jeffstevens,


Below I have mentioned business requirement:-


We are developing an "Event Briefing Process, and would be looking for assistance in taking an existing record ("an event record") and translating it into a preformated PDF document.


So as per you, I  should create controller class in which I should write some queries to fetch the event records and show that record as PDF.


Do I need to create another button something known as PDF  on the event object so when somebody click on the button a PDF will be created  and shown to the user.How will I save that PDF.


I am trying to put the entire thing together.