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Unable to test a custom controller

I am trying to write unit test to test a class dealing with cookies and it is complaining that is can't find the variable Page.



PageReference page = new Page.Login;
String zisession = '123';
Integer maxAge = 10000;
Cookie ziSessionCookie = new Cookie(ZoomSessionManager.ZISESSION_COOKIE_NAME, zisession, null, maxAge, false);
page.setCookies(new Cookie[]{ziSessionCookie});

 IDE Error:

Save error: Variable does not exist: Page.Login


I followed the examples provieded by SalesForce but that clearly does not work out:


I should note that the test code is in a separate unit test class and the Page.Login does work fine in the destination class (ZoomSessionManager.cls), just doesn't exist in the unit test for some reason...



Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?





Is the page part of  a different namespace?



hmm that is possible how can I check if that's the case?

Pamela NicholasPamela Nicholas
I realize that this is an old question.  But I ran into this today and thought I'd share my solution.  I hope that will help someone else.  
I think it might be the same solution for the example above. 

I was, like you, using the variable name 'page' for a PageReference variable (line 4).  I think this messed with reference to Page.Login. 
PageReference pageRef = Page.Login;
LoginController lc = new LoginController();
PageReference page =;
When I changed my variable name from page to myPage, on the 4th line, it all worked fine.
PageReference myPage =;
The way I found it was commenting out most of my test method and adding one line back in until I found the one that made the error pop up.  When I saw it was that line, I tried changing the name of the variable and that did the trick.