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Enable User Debug Log Automatically

Hi all,


How to Enable the User "DEBUG LOG" Automatically after the respective

user logged in their Account.


I just want to track all the exception messages while running a custom package.

Is their any other way to acheive it?


Thanks in Advance

Vinu k


u can't enable a default log..once the 20 logs are recorded u need to set the logs again....



ur custom package is a managed or unmanaged one?


if it is managed u can't do any thing..but if is an unmanaged one u can some how identify a solution...


Since its a managed package and just want to track the exception messages if it fails while running.,

For that i need to enable the user debug log automatically, Because the user of salesforce doesnt

aware of those things to turn on the debug log,

If the User didnt turned "ON" , None of the exceptions wil be saved and cant  find the origin of  issue ..