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Why is the Developer's Console such a piece of trash? (warning: rant)

It's gotten to the point where I've logged off, rebooted, and I still can't open it up because the last log it tried to load freezes my browser. I effectively cannot access any log messages from my code because the most recent logfile was too large, and the majority of those messages are about heap allocation (which I, as a user of the platform and not a Salesforce.com employee, care nothing about).


I'm now trying to look into reducing the size of these logs with filters, but the fact that I have to do this in order to keep my browser from crashing is ridiculous. It's always been slow, but it's never been this bad before.


Salesforce employees: can you PLEASE provide options (preferably set as the default) to hide log messages not created with System.debug()? These log files are simply too big to deal with in a browser.




I've been trying to track down a bug in my application for the past few hours, but can't get anywhere because I can't see my app's output. This is rather frustrating, and the last time I asked here about how to filter out irrelevant log messages I was told to use Ctrl+F, which obviously doesn't work in a crashing browser.


Any tips or pieces of advice are welcome.


I'm sorry, I have no help for you, I just wanted to append your rant....




The newest version in the sandbox does NOT help!

It tends to "lose" me... As in: it is reporting my sessions / logs, and then I save a VF page, or controller, or switch tabs and all of a sudden it's not logging anything!


I have to 'ctrl-r' the log and hope it picks me up again.


Not to mention, they go and add a feature like "close all" (which was overdude) but then the "Clear Logs" button still doesn't work when you have "show this session only" checked...


And yeah - the size of the logs can get quite large and slow me down. To add to it, the only way to download it is to open it first! So I can't even bypass the loading! I need a r-click>Save As on a line item...






If the log files are very large and you need to track the issue. You can introduce couple of  "system.assert" statements (at the probable areas of issues), this might help. And you you already know that "system.debug" can help you little bit.







I'm unable to load logs anymore. I keep getting this message:


Error: Open request failed

1055029932-21529 (2050760807)
So I basically can't debug anymore. Does anyone have a solution?
Thomas DvornikThomas Dvornik

Ill try to address the issues in order. 



Large logs have always been a problem in interactive log viewer, but we are working on performance improvements that you should hopefully see in Winter'13.


If all you care about is debug statements, the best thing to do it set all log levels to error except for Apex Code which should be 'debug'. Once you set these log levels, the developer console will always use them. You will still have some unrelated information, but the logs should be much smaller. Then you can hide all the other panels except for Execution Log and filter on USER_DEBUG. Opening as Raw Log and using Ctrl+F is another way, as you mentioned. We are working on more elegant solutions.



How often does it "lose" you? Can you give me simple repro steps? The "Clear Logs" works for me with the show this session only checked as well.



That is a parsing error on our end. We are working to resolve that. In the mean time, you can try to change log levels or execute the code in a different way to change the log so it parses correctly. Another option is to use the Open Raw Log button. 


Thanks Thomas.


Will you keep us informed when the issue will be resolved?



How often does it "lose" you? Can you give me simple repro steps? The "Clear Logs" works for me with the show this session only checked as well.


It loses me when there is some tab switching...


There is no set point where it stops recording my activity but I have been able to reproduce this with a some trial and error effort:

I am using CHROME


1) Log in to any Sandbox with the new Developer Console

2) Navigate to Username > Setup

3) Open the Dev Console - (sort from Time Decsending - the log may get large)

4) In the browser url - select it and alt-enter (opens a new tab with the same url)

5) change the url to ....salesforce.com/apex/testPage - hit enter

6) Click the "create new page testPage"

 - The log shows the correct information

7) Inside your newly created window - ctrl click on the Accounts Tab and select that browser window

8 ) Select any account from the Recently Viewed Accounts list and open it

- Here is where I found being quick produced the issue more readily

9) Perform an inline edit, and save

10) Quickly navigate back to the Browser tab for the Page Editor for testPage

11) click on any white space in the page (under the congratulations text) and ctrl-r to refresh


repeat steps 9-11 until you notice the Console will no longer record the refresh of the apex page ("/apex/testPage") but will continue to record the inline edit ("ui/common/InlieEditEntitySave")


Sometimes it happened quickly for me, sometimes it happens after a a long time but it will always happen eventually.




Also... If you uncheck the "This Session Only" box and then click "Clear" - the logs do not clear 


Thomas DvornikThomas Dvornik

I'll keep you informed tomster.


I can reproduce the the issue, JayNic. Thanks for the repro instructions. I filled a bug, but it is currently not scheduled so it might be a while before it's looked at. 


As for "Clear," it only clears logs from the session and does not remove them from your org. If you uncheck "This Session Only," it will show you all the logs in your org. I'm not sure if that is clear in the documentation, but I'll check up on that.