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Disable inputtext field using jquery by default

Hi All,


    I have one picklist field in vf page not a custom field.This can be written using select options..This value is disable when automatically run tehg page.For this i have used disabled=true.Its disabled the value by default.It works fine,But the value is getting empty whenever using disabled=true.So for  this i have to use JQuery.Any one can u please help me this.



Thanks in advance



Inputtext display values whenever there is a value for this but it’s in disable format. So insted you can bind the disable value dynamicaly. Try the below code as reference:


<apex:page controller="InputText">
<apex:form >
<apex:inputText value="{!Name}" disabled="{!bool}"/>


///////////////////////////////////// Controller  ///////////////////////////////////////

public class InputText

public String Name{get;set;}
public boolean bool{get;set;}
public InputText()
if(Name == null)



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