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Not having a financialforce license prevents deploying to production

Quite simply, the tests associated with the financialforce app fail if the deploying developer does not have a license for the app. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that the tests will run regardless of whether you're deploying a class/trigger/etc that has any impact on the app. Even deploying an empty class will cause these tests to fail.


My assumption would be that this isn't a Financialforce problem, but a problem with deployment in general, as the same issues would hold true for any other third party license within Salesforce.com.


So, any workarounds, other than assigning a financialforce license to the developer?




What tool are you using for the deploy operation?  The FinancialForce tests shouldn't be run as part of your deployment.  


Deployed using the IDE. Technically the tests aren't Financialforce tests (as in written by financialforce and incorporated into the package), they are custom tests within our own namespace that happen to attempt to access Financialforce data.