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Speed of Apex batch processing: production vs sandbox

Hi folks,


We've got an application that is running through a bunch of job items in an Apex Batch execution.  We're wondering if there might be a general understanding on the relative speed at which Apex Batches are executed in sandbox environments versus production environments.  We're assuming that sandboxes probably get less resources thrown at them, and would likely be slower to process Apex Batches.


While I figure SFDC isn't going to have hard numbers on this, do other developers have a general sense based on experience? 

sfdcfoxsfdcfox uses the same general type of hardware and software for both production and sandbox instances. Any perceived differences in processing speed will depend on the time of the day and system load. Statistically speaking, Sandboxes probably receive less traffic and system load than Production instances; this is because Sandboxes are not intended for full-time use, and are relatively volitile, since a refresh can wipe out data and configuration changes. Processing will probably be faster than a Production instance in most cases, since Sandboxes are also load-balanced based on an organization's typical usage of Sandboxes. Sandboxes run on dedicated hardware, as opposed to piggybacking on a production instance's hardware.

RJ PalomboRJ Palombo

I'm looking for a concrete answer to this as well. The answer above isn't what I experience.


The batches I run in sandbox (for incredibly simple tasks) process in roughly 4 minutes. In production it only takes seconds to process larger more complex data sets...


Because of this issue I'm forced to do final testing in Production, which of course isn't ideal...


We're hearing similar answers through other channels as well, that sandbox batch processing is much slower than production batch processing.  If I hear more information, I'll keep you posted.

RJ PalomboRJ Palombo

That would be great! Thank you