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How to remove zeros in the string.

Hi guys,


my problem is there are two strings with some value i need to remove the zeros before the number and add both the strings .



String S=000578;

String j=080554321;

String k=s+j    ( not addition);

k                                 =  s    +     j;

57880554321        =   578+ 80554321;


it means it shoul remove all the zeros before the number.

Some times s=0578;



then also the out put should be same as above "k"









can you explain me inn brief were u do this??? 


Use replaceFirst() on each string to strip the leading zeros, using the regular expression '^0+' which means, "one or more zeros at the start of the string".


k = s.replaceFirst( '^0+', '') + j.replaceFirst( '^0+', '');






Anu Raj.ax1269Anu Raj.ax1269

Hi frank,


Try this code 


String S=000578;

s= s.replace('0', '');

for more :





Hi ani123,


This actual used in lead object.

Where i had 2 fields country code and phone number.

so what i need if.they enter country code like 91.

And phone number like 999999999.

so it should return 91999999999 .


if they enter country code like 091.

and phone number like 091-999999999.

Then also it shoul return 91999999999  .





Anu, you do realize that the string replace() method would remove ALL zeros from the string, right?


The OP wants to remove leading zeros from a string, which is different than removing all zeros.


Hi Frank,


Try something in formula field  LIK THIS TO TRIM UR first  3 values OF country code   from ur contact number


TRIM(LEFT( Field_1__c ,3))




Convert to Int/Dec and back to String:

for example: 
James LoghryJames Loghry
You can do this with a regex fairly easy, like so:
myStr = myStr.replaceFirst('^0+','');

The regex searches for one or more zeroes at the start of the string and replaces them with an empty string.
Thanks James! that is the right one. But if by chance there is an space, like 00 0123, it would miss the third 0, so better remove spaces too
Would this work then?
myStr = myStr .replaceAll( '\\s+', '').replaceFirst('^0+','')

Btw this one would not work as requested because if would remove all "0" found, not just the ones at the beggining
String S=000578;
s= s.replace('0', '');