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How To Integrate Salesforce With PHP

I want to  link salesforce account with online forms to update account information in real time.


For This I want to,


Develop PHP component capable of communicating with Salesforce and pulling down address data.


Develop a WordPress plugin that can be easily configured with salesforce login information, a schedule of when a sync should automatically happen, and a button to "manually sync."


 Please Can Anyone help on this?


Nothing about this should be particularly difficult.

You'll need to learn:

  • How to use the REST API
  • How to connect to to a REST service using PHP (use Google to find examples).
  • How to build a Wordpress plugin

I would recommend you expose your own web service function and not use the Enterprise or Platform API for security reasons. Be sure your Wordpress site supports SSL also for security reasons.


What you want to do is a non-trivial programming task. So, I think you have three options:

  • Get lucky and find a similar Wordpress plugin available for purchase
  • Learn the necessary technology so you can write it yourself
  • Hire a consultant with the relevant experience to build it for you.

It's not a simple kind of problem where it's likely someone will walk you through the process on a forum.


Good luck






Complete step by step tutorial for integrating PHP with Salesforce.


Let me know if i can help further.


That's conceptually good - but I'd really tend to avoid using the partner or enterprise WSDL for this kind of application!


The reason is - if your website gets hacked or there is a security breach, the code will have access to your entire org. It's much more secure to create your own web service entry point for the specific task you have in mind. Then secure that entry point.





Thanks Dan for your valuable input.



You can find the Basic Tutorials about PHP and Salesforce Implementation using Below URL
Blog | Salesforce Certified Administrator | Salesforce Certified Developer

raj singh 26raj singh 26

I am able to integrate Salesforce and PHP using PHP toolkit provided Salesforce.  Our PHP team is able to push data from PHP into Salesforce successfully.  Just wanted to know how to sync data between PHP and Salesforce using PHP toolkit, i.e., if some changes are made in the records at Salesforce end, then same should be reflected at PHP end also.

Naveen KotiNaveen Koti

Basically what you are asking is webhook.
You need to use triggers.

Or you can use websockets
manzoor hussainmanzoor hussain
I have tried all steps which mention above but still getting error. Actually I am a beginner I need step by step tutorial for integrating salesforce with my website php form. Please reply. Thanks in advance. 
Best Regards!
Manzoor Hussain. 
shaurya kaneshaurya kane
even I am a beginner and need step by step tutorial for integrating salesforce with my wordpress website php form,,, Please help me with this.