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Bug with "Login as user" functionality

I deployed a change over the weekend and discovered that I could not "Login as user" to verify the change.


The changes had deployed succesfully. The changes were visible to me when I logged in as myself (system adminstrator). But when I used the "login as user" function to see the view from another user's perspective, I didn't see the change.


After hours of trying to troubleshoot it, i finally contacted the user and asked them to login and send me a screenshot of their view and sure enough, it was all working as it should have.


Has anyone ever come across this? Is this a bug? I thought all changes could be viwed with the login as user function.


Is the page accessible for that user's profile ? 


What kind of change did you deploy?  Vf page, Apex class, page layout, etc?


Yes. All the visualforce page security was setup correctly, everything was tested in the sandbox before deployment.


I went through each step with a fine tooth comb again after I couldnt see the changes.


VF Page, VF components and trigger


Has "Administrators Can Log in as Any User" been enabled in the Org?  




Strange.  Did you try clearing the cache in your browser?  I can't think of any other reason why there would be a problem while  logged in as the other user.


Ah! That could be it. I didnt check that but that makes sense to me. I will make a note of that if I run into this issue again.