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Google charting and remoting

is there any salesforce expert who can help me in javascript remoting and apex controller with google charting


You should just ask your question. There's many experts here, and I'm sure a number of community members, including myself, could likely answer your questions.


You can start by taking a look at this: http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Google_Visualizations


thanks for ur replies


i an working with google charts with apex controller 

first of all i have created a pie chart which shows active services


but now what my client wants ...he wants me to show the chart between the dates.....DateFrom and Date To


Date From is which the user enters and dateTo is system.today(). 


i have done it with javascript remoting and the date which user selects is passed to the controller like this


global with sharing class DashPortalController{

global static CaseFailBean loadCustomerServiceSuccessRate(String dateFrom){


the string dateFrom is the date which user selects but how i use these two dates for displaying my chart


Like Example:   i have 4 services  that are ACTIVE


A= 21 Jan 2012-13   

B= 1 march 2012 -13

C= 6 May 2012-13

D= 1 August 2012-13


now i have selected DateFrom and DateTo as                1/4/2012 - todays date


now what i have to show all these four services because all are active but only the data which is in between 1/4/2012-todays date.............not with the whole data


i have used this query 

List<Service__c> srList= [select id, Name, Customer__c,Days_Collection__c,Status__c, 
from Service__c  where Status__c = 'Active' ];


but dont know how to show my chart between these two dates


can anyone help me


Nisha, take a look at this: https://developers.google.com/chart/image/docs/gallery/pie_charts


The examples there show you the various parameters to generate the date-based pie charts you desire.