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Sort List or Map

Good day! I have two questions:
1. How to sort List?
2. How to sort the Map?
Sorting must take place not in the query.
Map <id,Action_Goal__c> aMap = new Map <id,Action_Goal__c> (
                                  [select Goal_Description__c, id, Goal_Type__c, Targeted_Due_Date__c, Name, Status__c
                                     From Action_Goal__c
                                     Where ToLabel (Goal_Type__c) =: MyGoalType]);

  List <Action_Goal__c> MyActGoalsDescList = aMap.values ();

I need to sort by Targeted_Due_Date__c.


The List object have sorting function, but I assume it won't help in case the type in the list is Object.

So I assume you will need to write your own sort function for this issue.



(((If I knew how, then there would not be writing (

Maybe try something like...

List<myObject> sortedList=new List<myObject>();

    myObject nextObj=originalList.get(0);
    Integer nextObjIndex=0;

    for(Integer index=0; index<originalList.size();index++)
        if(tempObject.dateField < nextObj.dateField)