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Kalle KalifKalle Kalif 

Inbound email service recognizes text attachment as binary

I have a inbound email service handling .txt attachments coming from many different users around my organisation. All emails are sent using MS outlook.


Sometimes the text attachment will be recognized as binary attachment, and consequently discarded. In one case I am looking at now, if i forward the troublesome email with the attachment, it will always detect the attachment as binary. However if I store the attachment on my HDD, and create a new email with this file and send it, it will work. 


Any thoughts are highly appreciated!


in general all the files will be of binary attachments i.e. they dont have specific charset like utf-8 some thing like this...


coming to text attachement the mimetype shouild be just try to analyse on these points to identify the settings to recognize the right attachement

Kalle KalifKalle Kalif

I must say this is more difficult than imagined. I am now sure that the file is encoded as UTF-8, and there is noe reason it should not be recognized as text. Again: Forwarding the message does not work, but sending the attachment in a new mail does. I can not see any logic here?


I have ~30 users with no problem, and this one user who cannot get any mails through because of this. Is there anything to do with the email system he is using perhaps?






well this is interesting as I seem to be having the same issue:


CSV files emailed from all over the world -- from some senders they appear as textAtachments; with other senders, the attachment is discarded as I only allow textAttachments.


If I save the offending incoming file to my desktop then send the email myself to the inbound email service, it is recognized as a textAttachment. Too weird.


Stay tuned...

Kalle KalifKalle Kalif

Well the problem still persists on my end.


It appears to be affecting a particular set of users who has a particular supplier of satellite internet comms. Really hope someone can find a solution to this problem ..