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Global Search SFDC

Hi ,


Is it possible to change Global search feature ? If Yes. Please provide me some tips.


what feature you want to change? please provide examples




Yes it's possible.


Changing Salesforce Global Search Feature Options:-

Step One – Click Options… under the search box.

Step two – Refine your search results by:

1. Choosing which objects to search – In the Objects section, select the objects for which you want to return search results. If you don’t select any objects, your search returns all possible objects. Select all or click Clear All to quickly select all or no objects.

When All is selected, the search results don’t return article management and content records. You can search for these records on their respective tabs.

2. Searching only items you own – In the More Options section, select “Limit to items I own.”

When “Limit to items I own” is selected, the search results don’t return article, asset, idea, invoice, order, people, product, question, quote, and reply records because these records don’t have owners.

3. Searching for an exact phrase – In the More Options section, select “Exact phrase”. This is the same as using quotation marks around your search string.

The search options you select are saved until you change them.

Search Terms

Search terms are treated as separate words and may be found in different searchable fields within a record. For example, searching for Bob Jones returns items with Bob Jones, as well as a contact named Bob Smith whose email address is bsmith@jones.com.

Search terms are separated by letter, number, and punctuation boundaries. For example, searching for acct!4 returns items with Acct, !, and 4, even if those terms are in separate places in the item.

If you’d like to conduct a phrase search to match multiple terms in the exact sequence that they appear, select Exact phrase in the Search Options or use quotations marks around your search terms.


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Hi ,


Keyword: TACTJPNOTCV01400_0


Search Criteria:


1. Search for  keyword"TACTJPNOTCV01400", will providing result.

2. Search for "TACTJPNOTCV" is providing result.

3. Search for "01400" is providing result.


But when i search for "V011400" search results return nothing .


I want to understand the difference between TACTJPNOTCV01400 and V01400. As per my understanding both are alphanumeric.